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    Lilac tri female newborn

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    Chunk at 10 weeks

American XL Bullies

Welcome to Stormy Cove Kennels--home to North Carolina's finest American XL Bullies. As breeders of these magnificent canines, we're proud to share our love of American bullies with others. We raise and breed our bullies for excellence. Priding ourselves on superior blood lines, quality care and a thorough knowledge of the bully breed, our pups are the best you can find across the nation. Our studs and females are stout, muscular, mild-tempered and lovable! If you have an interest in making one of our puppies a member of your family, please explore our website and contact us today at (706) 970-0354. You can make a deposit online to secure your pup here.

WE SHIP ALL Across The Nation!

Stormy Cove Kennels

Facts About The American XL Bully Breed

As one of America's more popular breeds, American XL Bullies are known for their extremely muscular builds, strength and obedient natures. Despite their stout size and intimidating appearance, bullies are anything like their names would imply----they are a friend to all! With docile and adoring temperaments, bullies are loving dogs that enjoy affection. Oftentimes Bullies are compared to Pitbulls but the two breeds could not be more different, especially in nature. Whereas Pits have a reputation for aggression, Bullies are basically oversized lap dogs! American Bullies are bred to be the perfect family companion.

As a relatively new breed in comparison to others, XL Bullies have an official line dating back to the early 80s and 90s; like all bulldogs, their origins date back to earlier bulldog lineages bred for sport several hundred years ago. A few key traits of bullies beyond their laid back disposition is they do require regular exercise. They also possess keen intelligence making them very easy to train!

The Perfect Family Pet

With Stormy Cove Kennels, you can add the perfect addition to your family with one of our lovable American Bullies! Based out of Hayesville, NC we can ship our pups to families all across the southern regions of the US including all of North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, Georgia, Florida and beyond! For more details, call us at (706) 970-0354 to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you!

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