Available Studs

With Stormy Cove Kennels, we're proud of our handsome American Bully studs! Our males are true to their breed with sleek, muscular builds characterized by a broad chest, skull and larger frame. Males usually stand around 21 inches in height and can weigh between 70 to 120lbs. Take a moment to see our studs below!

see our American Bully Studs

Are you a breeder interested in one of our studs? Then contact us today about renting our male American Bullies for breeding purposes!

Big Momma's Kalix - Black Tri Male- 5/3/17

NLP's Kojak - Blue Male - 2/13/16

DDK9's Malone - Blue and White Male - 4/9/18

Stormy Cove's Pneuma- All-White Male - 8/15/19

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